Variations on a Biography


"My Life" - by George Samuel

I was born in Rangoon, Burma in 1937. Soon after that I became involved in much world travel and in World War II. In 1948 peace at last, immigration to Canada. I like to be very quiet except when I am playing on my drum kit and then I like to be very noisy. When I was very little my mother said "You will be an artist and see visions like William Blake and Joan of Arc." Since then I have remained committed to fairy tale philosophy. I was an English prof for thirty years, and taught Children's Literature. Since 2009 I have lived happily ever after in Powell River.


I was born in Burma in 1937. My father was a Scottish civil servant and my mother's family were American Baptist missionaries. My parents settled in Canada when I was age 11.

My mother taught me that I would devote my life to art and I believed her. Luckily I had a day job too. Nevertheless, art has always been my bread and butter, in a way, and my jam too.



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